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fashion · 03. April 2018
Dress inspired by a designer from Australia, using Ecuadorian jewelry!
cultural · 13. January 2018
The colorful jewelry you can find in Mexico. Plus, I made a dress to match the necklace I bought in Cancun. <3
cultural · 30. December 2017
Colorful and vibrant jewelry but also made from natural substances!
collections · 25. December 2017
Outfit from La Mexicana Collection inspired by the one an only; Frida Kahlo.
collections · 19. December 2017
Outfit from La Mexicana collection, inspired by the style used in Yucatan.
collections · 05. November 2017
Outfit #2 from La Mexicana Collection: The Cambaya Dress
26. September 2017
Dear everyone, To introduce myself, my name is Rachel. A designer of not only fashion, but eco-friendly fashion. I love earth. The people, animals, and more importantly nature. I believe since this is the only planet that we as humans can live in, we shall respect it. And as a designer I do my best to do that by being as eco-friendly as possible by recycling garments that no one else wants and recreate it so it won't be thrown away.