Beach Dress

When I went to Cancun last year, I bought jewelry made out of shells. And when I came back I thought, hmm maybe I should make a white dress!

I chose to place buttons that have a "shell" texture to match with the jewelry.

What I love about this fabric is that it's so fresh to wear! I felt so comfortable walking around in this dress. And also flowed nicely where it gave me a nice shape in my body. Which is what I always look for when I make a garment. Make sure it gives me a waistline! lol!

The color of the dress.

The reason why I chose white, is not just because it matches with the jewelry, but its nice and bright to wear at the beach. You feel cool when you wear it by the sun. No not look cool, feel cool. lol White compliments the sun. You won't heat up as fast as you do with black. But anyway, white is perfect for the beach, and you shine like the sun. haha.

Plus, I took the advantage to wear this dress in one of my favorite beaches in California. Laguna Beach. <3

Well I had fun wearing this dress. Hopefully I'll get to wear it again to the beach. Oh! And that shell choker, love it! Thanks Cancun!! 

Oh and also, my dad was the photographer for this mini shoot so some photos came out grainy but I thought to add some filters haha.

They look like they were taken in the 1960's! lol love you dad.


So yeah that's a post.


Until next time!





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    Patty (Tuesday, 23 October 2018 00:10)

    Beautiful Miss W girl love it!