Velvet Flamenco Dress

Was invited to Gatsby party, and thought to make a dress.  (:

I've had this necklace for too long, but I never had a dress to wear it with, so I decided to make a dress that will match with it. 

Since it's an elegant necklace, I thought to wear it with an elegant dress, so I took the opportunity to make this dress when I was invited to the Gatsby party. 


The fabric I used for this dress was a stretchy/thick fabric, it slims the body. And the Velvet color is what makes it look elegant.


The straps that show the shoulders, is what gives it that vintage classy touch.

This dress isn't very "Gatsby" like. It's not roaring 20's style but it does have a glamour look. 


Honestly, I don't know where the inspiration came from. The top part of the dress looks vintage looking, but the bottom part looks flamenco looking. So it's a flamenco/vintage style dress? LOL


Anyway, what really helped to put this outfit together was the black fur wrap I made so it looks even more elegant, and more vintage. (Not real fur.)


I loved how it turned out. And what I loved most were the compliments I got from people I've never met lol. I NEVER dress like this! But when I wore this I felt fancy, and I liked it. Haha I mean its nice to look nice every ONCE in a while right? You look good, you feel good. Its the truth! So can't wait to make another fancy dress for a fancy event but for now I'll keep this one in my closet.


So what do you think? Did I pull it off? 


I think I did. hehe.


Well, until next time!


More blogs to come!





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