Satin Plum Dress

Just love it when I have an idea on something and it comes out just how I had it in my mind.



The Inpiration

So there's this bridal designer in Australia that I've been following on youtube for years now. And what I noticed about her dresses is that the designs are sometimes simple, yet fitting. And I think what makes the dresses so beautiful, is the material she uses.

I love, love this dress! The color, and how it flows beautifully on her body just made me want to make a dress inspired by this one. 


What I also loved was the photography taken on this dress, really loved how the rocks and nature complimented the garment. And the fact that she isn't wearing heels, makes it look free spirited.

Why be fancy, when what really makes something beautiful is being free. We see woman in heels, tight dresses, heavy makeup, when all that makes you beautiful, is you...just you.

Anyway, about the design. Believe it or not but it actually took me 5 patterns in order to get the cut right. As you see the cut in the upper dress is cut in 3 triangles and I had to make the right cut in order to give me a shape for my body. 


What also gave me a shape were the straps on my waist. That's a design that Maevana has used in other dresses and I thought it went well with this dress since it's not fitted. And the straps can accomplish that.

The Jewelry

The necklace!! Where do you think I got it? hehe Ecuador yup yup! When I went to Ecuador for the first time, I saw this necklace everywhere! Well on women. (see my blog post Jewelry in Ecuador)

When I saw this necklace I had to find it! Took me hours in order to find someone who would sell it to me, since the only ones who have these are indigenous women and so they make this necklaces themselves. 

I love this necklace, and I think I'll be wearing it more often since gold is my favorite color. <3 


I also bought purple earrings in Ecuador that were going to match with this outfit, which is why I chose purple fabric but sadly I lost them on a weekend. What a shame. ):


So this is why I'm wearing purple makeup to match with the dress lol

So that's the Satin Dress.


I encourage others to be okay with wearing what makes you feel comfortable. 


A lot of the times what makes you look beautiful is how comfortable you look, rather than seeing you struggle to walk because of how tight your dress is, or how high your heels are. Relax. Wear what makes you feel good. Accept your body and allow it to breath! Wear what makes you smile. (;


So that's my message for today. lol


I will be posting more designs in the future, and ideas of what to wear that is comfy yet fashionable.



Until next time,


Take care!




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    Janett Tinajero (Wednesday, 02 May 2018 16:13)

    This is truly awesome dude. I love your inspiration.

  • #2

    Rachel (Friday, 04 May 2018 15:38)

    Aww thanks gurl! <3