What is MADE.?

It's not a boutique, nor a clothing store, nothing that has to do with clothing. lol Many think that's what it is since I carry  some of my stuff here and I dedicate on clothing, but no. It's not a clothing store :D


MADE. is perhaps a "one of a kind" store. Not just the store itself is unique, but the art you come across in this shop that you won't see any where else.


Every item you see here is handcrafted by someone. It could be paintings, wood work, wrought iron, basically anything  you may see in an Etsy shop, you'll see here; but in real life.



My favorite part of the whole shop, is the fact that there is a lot of recycled art. You come across items that are made from old radios,  soda cans, old lights or basically anything random out there that no one uses anymore. It certainly makes every piece in this shop to have it's own personality. Which makes it special, and "one of a kind".

Wardrobe is at MADE.

So I did mention in the beginning that I do carry some of my own crafts here at MADE. And no it's not clothing. hehe. 


Basically, what I do is the fabrics that I have left over from collections, I make something out of it, and sell it at MADE. Remember that I am very into eco fashion, and I believe in designing in a zero waste method where I use as much fabric as possible and what's left over can be created in something else.


So since there isn't much left over, I usually make small things like make up bags, coin carriers, scarves, etc. For example as you see above, these are small pouches made from "LA MEXICANA COLLECTION". I actually had 4 but now there's 2 left. Every bag has different fabric so each one looks a little different, including the lining. So any scraps I have left, I make them useful.

These travel bags are the ones I made recently. The fabric I used here, was going to be used for "La Mexicana Collection". But it wasn't enough fabric to make a garment out of it. Plus, I felt like it wouldn't match with the collection. So since I didn't end up using it, I made travel bags instead. I made 4 out of this material which didn't leave any fabric left! I love how they came out! Every bag though has a different colored zipper, and the lining is made from recycled material. So they may look the same, but each one is somewhat different. (;


Wgirl welcomes you.

After a year of carrying my items here, thought it was time to blog about it. Now you know where I sell my stuff, and have an idea what MADE. is. 


And now that you know, I welcome you to have a little visit here at MADE. address you can see below this post or go to the main page where it shows the location (by Riverside Plaza).


There will be an event starting in April, but I'll show you guys later.


For now, welcome to MADE.! 


Hope you enjoyed this post!






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