Jewelry in Mexico

Mexican jewelry can be made from beads, rocks, coconuts, wood, and even embroidery. But one thing I noticed the jewelry that is used the most, is gold, and silver.


Now, I can't afford gold or silver because they can be expensive! So instead I bought a necklace that had the color gold. 



I fell in love with this necklace! It's handmade with beads and it's so colorful! 


Since gold is my favorite color lately I had to buy it! This one I bought in Cancun from a vendor in an artisan market called "Pancho Villa". Which by the way, Mexico cities usually have a lot of markets (and big ones) where they sell handmade artistic jewelry. So there was a lot to choose from!


Anyway, I loved the necklace I bought but there was one problem. I didn't have anything to match it with! So, I decided to make a dress.

This fabric was actually a lining I used on a different dress I made last year, but since I had 3 yards left over, and it matched with the necklace, I decided to make it.

I love, love how it turned out! Again, whenever you want to wear a colorful piece of jewelry, wear a simple solid colored dress! It really helps the piece you're wearing to stand out. And that's what I did here. Plus, I added some darts to give me a little bit of a shape on my waist area, then some folds to let it flow nicely.

The Outfit

Since the necklace had golden colored beads, I decided to wear other golden colored jewelry to match with it. Golden earrings, bracelets and golden clips for my hair. Which I felt like I looked Egyptian with this outfit lol!

So that's another cultural post on my blog. The jewelry of Mexico! I do have another piece I have to share with you that I also bought in Cancun but I'll post that in the future.


But for now thank you for reading my post!


Until next time!



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