Jewelry in Ecuador

When I went to Ecuador for the first time last year, one thing that caught my eye other than their beautiful sights, was their jewelry.



The colors are so vibrant! But one thing I didn't know until the last time I went, was that it's sustainable. The beads are actually made from a nut called Tagua.

Tagua Seed Head
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The Tagua seed comes from a palm tree which has a spiky ball that weighs about 22 pounds. Then when you open it, it has multiple Tagua nuts inside of it. Many use these to create art such as small sculptures, key chains, jewelry, etc.

Here are some of the jewelry I got in Ecuador last year.

This time I went I bought a necklace and a pair of earrings. (:

Since I didn't have anything in my closet to match it with, I decided to make a flowy dress.


I chose a dark color and a simple design, so the necklace can stand out.


It would have been nice to wear pink heels though,but sadly I didn't have any lol.





Here's me wearing the other jewelry. :D

So yeah, if you ever go to Ecuador or other countries in South America, check out the jewelry. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful, and definitely one of a kind! 


Well, hopefully I get to make more blog posts about cultural fashion, this is my first one so I hope you enjoyed it!


You are more than welcome to comment/ share if you liked it. 


But thank you for reading!


I wish you a good one.


Bye bye for now. (:



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