La Mexicana Dress

Every collection a fashion designer creates has one outfit that stands out from the whole collection, or perhaps the outfit that brings the whole collection together.


This one I call, La Mexicana dress.




The Design

The way I started this design was with the ruffled fabric as you see here.


This material is actually left over fabric from a scarf I made years ago.


Every time I start a collection, I always start with the fabric I already have on the shelf. And since this had a mexi style print to it, I had to use it.


Well, the only problem was that it wasn't enough fabric to make a garment out of it...so I looked through more fabrics.



I went through some fabrics my grandmother used to carry, and I found 4 yards of a stretchy thick black fabric and thought...hmm... this will work!


What I love about this material is that is stretchy but doesn't stick to your body like the tshirt material where you can see your flaws in your body lol.


So I decided to make a fitted dress. And to make it more elegant, I left a slit cut on the right leg. Then, I added the ruffles with the mexi fabric which gives it that mexican style touch to it.

The Outfit

My favorite part of creating this design, was creating the outfit.


Here we have the one and only, Frida Kahlo.


As you see here, Frida loved wearing flowers on her hair and like most women in mexico, she had a "reboso" wrapped around her shoulders.


I've always loved her style, so when I made this collection, I had to use her as an inspiration!



So that's how this outfit came out.


With mexi style slit dress, flowers, golden earrings, and a lace reboso I made myself.


Love,LOVE how this came together!

FIN! (The end.)

So that's the last outfit from La Mexicana Collection.


Although this collection was really for fun and blogging, if you're interested in some of these items, you're welcome to check out the shop section, with shipping available.



But more importantly,I hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I did.


I am thinking though to make more blog posts about designing, and creating collections. So if you like my posts, you're welcome to comment/share.


So hopefully, more blog posts in the future!


Until next time!



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