La Yucateca

Perhaps my favorite outfit of the whole collection. La Yucateca outfit.


With hand stitched embroidered flowers, and a Lacey tank top.   

The Inspiration

When I went to Yucatan in Summer this year, I noticed all the dresses in the women who would dance the "folklorico", would wear white with colorful flowers.


I fell in love with the combination because the white really let the flowers stand out where it makes the colors well balanced.



The Skirt

So lets start with the skirt. 


Same as you saw the picture above, white really let colors to shine beautifully.


So I bought these embroidered flowers in Tijuana, Mexico, about two years go, and added them on a plain white skirt I made myself.

Just so you can see up close how the flowers look, from the back of the skirt.


I hand stitched every flower, with the embroidery hoop. 


Perhaps took me about 3 days to sew them all since it was my first time and wanted them to come out great.

The Shirt

This shirt was actually recycled from a dress I made months before I started on La Mexicana Collection.

Since I never used this dress again, I decided to cut it in half and make a shirt out of it instead.

So I added some ruffle, from the fabric I cut off, then added some lace.

The Outfit

What really put this outfit together, was the necklace.


This necklace I bought at a shop in Merida, Yucatan. Which is another reason why I decided to make this outfit.


And of course, I had to put some flowers on my hair. It is not a traditional hair style, but the flowers sure give it a nice Yucatan touch.

Well, that's it.

I really enjoyed sharing this with you, again, thank you for reading.


I usually have my outfits for sale at the shop section but since I love the skirt so much...I decided to keep it for myself lol.


The shirt however is available.


But if you like my blog, feel free to share or write a comment. Opinions are welcomed!


Have a good one!



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