Mexi Black Dress


When I was making this dress, this really wasn't the original design to be honest.


Originally, this dress was going to have more ruffles and embroidered flowers to it. But you'll see in my next post why I didn't add the flowers on this one.


Anyway, I didn't want to add so much design where it would be to crowded on the dress. So I left it as it is.



For the outfit I decided to wear a red rose, so it can stand out. And looking at it, it seems to have a Spanish style to it because of the red and black, which I loved!



*Photo taken at the Mission Inn in Downtown Riverside.


By the way, this dress was so comfy to wear that I could wore it the whole day. Plus it looks great as a casual dress or an evening dress. Definitely loved how it came out. <3 

So yeah, that's the Mexi black dress. This one is also available at the shop, I hope you like it too! 


And thank you for reading!


Stay tuned for the next post!





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