The Cambaya Dress

The second outfit of the La Mexicana Collection: The Cambaya Dress.

With such a simple design, the colors of this dress is what makes it look so vivid and vibrant!


It is so comfy to wear specially since it has an elastic on the waist which makes it much easier to put on.

The Material: Cambaya

When I went to Mexico City back in 2014, I ran into a lot of shops where they had these beautiful garments of colorful material. So I had to do what any other designers would do, go fabric shopping!


When I found these fabric shops they had so many textiles. And each one of them had very vibrant colors.


Anyway, this material is what's called "Cambaya". Usually made from cotton, and used for scarves, blankets or even clothing to be kept warm.


Women in Mexico still make these by hand, and you can see them attach the strings together. Which hopefully one day I can see for myself. <3

*Photo from Google. (I do not own this picture.)

The Design

So since the fabric is beautiful itself, I didn't want it to have too much details.


Plus, because it's so simple, it makes it easier to accessorize. You can wear belts of different colors, necklaces of different colors, and maybe some wooden jewelry.


But really what makes this dress so beautiful are those colors, like a rainbow. (:






So I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Again, thank you for reading! If you'd like to comment or share you are more than welcome to do so. It's nice to hear other people's opinions.


If you like to purchase this dress it is available in the Shop section, shipping is available. 


Until next time!



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