Sarape Outfit

As you can see this outfit has a rainbow colored blouse with a skirt that I considered Sarape style. 


Whether or not you know what a Sarape is, you may wonder where the idea came from.


So keep reading, to know the idea behind this outfit.

But first, what is a Sarape?

Sarape/Serape is actually a piece of fabric, that men in Mexico wear on their shoulder, or as a blanket AKA "Poncho". 


You may have seen Mariachis wear it (as seen in picture). It's very colorful, and usually has reds, blues, and greens with a white fringe on the bottom. Of course, it depends what part of Mexico you go to. 


Apparently is not just an accessory for your clothes, but also used to be kept warm.


Whatever the reason may be, a Sarape sure brings a vivid touch to an outfit. And that's why I decided to use it.

*Photo copied from Google (I do not own this picture).

The Sarape Skirt

Years ago, I went to a yard sale, and I found this piece of fabric in a box filled with other random stuff.


It caught my eye because of how colorful it is! Apparently the lady that had it actually cut this from a table cloth she had because it was too long. She sold it to me for a quarter, wondering why I wanted it lol. But I mean, that's how it is as a designer. You see something, and quickly it gives you ideas. I right away knew what I wanted to do with it. A skirt! 



About the design, I decided to make a plain white skirt so the colors can stand out, otherwise it would have been so colorful that you may lose focus on looking into the Sarape.


Even though the design is so simple, I love how it turned out. Because instead of using it on the shoulder, you have it on a skirt. And it's wearable. It's not too much detail where it can be overwhelming to wear.


Plus, it's recycled!! If I wouldn't have seen it in that box, it would most likely be thrown away. After all, it was left over material. And I saved it. (:


Now, the Blouse.

The blouse I originally wanted it to be a dress, but I ran out of fabric. So Instead I left the top as a blouse and added an elastic at the bottom.


This fabric is actually material I bought in Mexico City in 2014.


Usually this fabric is used as scarf or "reboso" which is used in Mexico to cover your shoulders/arms.


Again, I loved the colors. So I decided to make something out of it.

As seen on the picture above, I decided to put ruffles on the front just to add a little detail.


The back I decided to place a pink Zipper so it can purposely stand out but yet blend in with the colors. 



So That's That.

So that's that. The Sarape outfit. Now you know the idea behind it, and some facts. (: 

It has a touch of culture, and even some recycling!

If you would like to purchase this outfit, you can go to the shop section and purchase the skirt. The blouse however, is not for sale. If you are interested, you can simply send a direct message.


Anyway, stay tuned for the stories behind the other outfits from La Mexicana Collection. You are more than welcome to comment or even share this blog if you'd like. But I feel more appreciated the fact that you read this post. 

I just hope you found it interesting. I definitely enjoyed sharing this inspiration with you.


So thank you for stopping by!


Until next time!






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