Letter From Wgirl

Dear everyone,

To introduce myself, my name is Rachel.

A designer of not only fashion, but eco-friendly fashion. I love earth. The people, animals, and more importantly nature. I believe since this is the only planet that we as humans can live in, we shall respect it. And as a designer I do my best to do that by being as eco-friendly as possible by recycling garments that no one else wants and recreate it so it won't be thrown away.

Sadly, fashion is one of the reasons why our contamination is increasing. Either if it's chemicals used in our clothing, energy used to ship garments from across the world, and shreds of fabric being thrown away. Fashion has become a huge industry that it's been hurting our soil because of mass production.

So I am here writing this blog, to not only show you the truth about fashion, but also to give you ideas in how you can be a good help in decreasing contamination. So welcome to my blog!

Stay green!



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